Inayat Wall Hanging Shelf

Sturdy. Innovative. Lovely. Our super vibrant, hand-crafted wall hanging shelf will turn your bland wall into a superstar!
  • Firm Built
  • Resistant to shrinking and swelling, retaining its original shape.
  • Lamination Board (back)
  • Partal Wood (Shelf)

Length: 58 cm
Width: 20 cm
Wooden panel Length: 14 cm

    Care Instructions:

    Partal wood needs to be kept away from excessive moisture, hence:

    • Do not clean with a damp cloth. Use a dry cloth, preferably with an anti-dust spray.
    • It is advised to not hang the shelves near windows to avoid atmospheric moisture.
    • Keep away from direct heat (sunlight, heater, etc) to prevent the shelf from losing its glossy texture.
    Packaged to perfection:

    All our wall hangings are packed with the utmost care and joy! In our delicious box, you'll find a heartfelt message from our side and a wall hanging to die for!

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