Hi there! I’m Manahil, the co-founder of Ezizum,

the owner of ezizum manahil

and I got married into a home which looks like this.

colorful living room home decor including galaxy umbrella ottoman and royal indian 2 seater tufted bench

colorful living room home decor

'I am BLOWN AWAY! I've NEVER seen such an amazing range of colors in ANY HOUSE BEFORE! Who’s buying all of this amazing home decor and from where? WHO’S THE PERSON BEHIND THESE COLORS?!’, I asked my husband, Naveed.
The answer?
My lovely mother-in-law.

owner of ezizum manahil

As it turns out, a few years ago, my supremely creative mother-in-law had started to make use of her free time by taking pieces of wood, baskets and cloth, and creatively assembling them to make various miniature decoration items including wall hangings, lamps and candle stands amongst many other. The result; home decoration articles like you’ve never seen before.
Colorful. Unique. Brilliant.

colorful sheesham galaxy round ottoman

She had transformed every dull corner in a house into a source of utter joy.
A drawing room with a bland, boring palette? The 18-printed sheesham ottoman stool is here to save the day.
An empty, lifeless portion of your wall? Behold, the most crafty, oakwood wall-frame ever.

close up of all the wall hangings 
As a result, Alhamdulilah, our home would constantly be surrounded by positive energy. The guests who came over would always pass the most beautiful compliments about our house, and I have to admit, that always feels really nice. There would always be a greater desire to spend more time together in our house, as a family, and I have to say, it’s absolutely lovely to have that in the fast-paced world of today.

people sitting on tufted bench and ottoman in pakistani living room

And this lead to the birth of ezizum.
Why shouldn’t all Pakistani homes be this happy and exciting? I have witnessed first hand what adding some color to a dull room can do for a room, the environment and the people in it.
And this is the mission that I am on.

To add joy and happiness in the lives of Pakistani families by adding some color in their homes.
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