Hi, I’m Manahil, the founder of Ezizum, and this is not my story.
It’s my mom’s.
A few years ago, my mom started to make use of her free time by taking discarded pieces of wood, baskets and cloth, and creatively assembling them to make various miniature decoration items including wall hangings, lamps and candle stands amongst many others. The result amazed me; my mom's artistic vision had transformed the items into brilliant home decor products!
However, the thing that actually blew me away, were the colors.
All of my mom’s products had extremely festive colors, complementing each other in the most attractive fashion. I had seen a lot of furniture and home decor in my life before, but never had I seen them being presented in such a lively manner.
But despite of the uniqueness of the items, they did remind me of an equally bright presence that I had already come across in my life.
My mom’s own personality.

Throughout my life, my mom’s cheerful and lively personality had always been the life of any gathering she was involved in. She would make people laugh, inspire them through her stories, and spread a lot of positive energy. In my own experience, not a lot of people have this gift of being constantly jolly, and to have someone of that nature in your company is absolutely amazing.

In a matter of a few months, my mom had transformed our house with her flashy home decor. Every wall, every corner, every space in our home had become a piece of art, and in turn, a piece of her personality. 

And then I started to notice a much larger transformation.

My family generally became...happier. There would be more laughs, and more time spent together. As I started noticing this change, I realized how wonderful it was that my mom had managed to completely change the mood of our house just through her own personality, channelled through her art.

And thus, with a desire to make all homes of our country happier than ever before, Ezizum was born. Through Ezizum, I hope to build a lively community of people who are themselves super cheerful, and give them an opportunity to transform their lives through my mom’s home decor products. 

Our Two Rules

To have the desired impact, we abide by two rules:

  • People: We recognise the special ability that some people have when it comes to influencing others through their personalities, and it’s about building a community around such positive people to have a more a large scale impact, for the betterment of our daily lives. 
  • Product: Our vision goes hand in hand with unwavering quality. Supreme craftsmanship, timeless designs and durability being the core values of our brand, we take great care and pride in making sure that our products are resilient against natural conditions or human impact, so as to remain a source of positive energy for the longest of time.

Ultimately, our mission is to make the world a happier place, one piece of furniture at a time. And if you tend to make others happy, you’re the hero we’re looking for.

Spread happiness now.