Wagah Wall Hanging Shelf


Open the box and check the product before paying! 😇

Made using the most sturdy kail wood, our super vibrant, hand-crafted wall hanging shelf will transform your walls from bland to beautiful.

Keep your candles, photo frames, or decorative pieces on the shelf to take it to a whole new level!

Firmly built and resistant to shrinking, our wall hangings are extremely durable and will last on your walls for a VERY, VERY long time!

Product Features:


Length: 58 cm  

Width: 20 cm 

Wood Panel Length: 14 cm


Lasaani (back)

Kail Wood

Cloth used: Cotton mixed with Polyester

ter Foam

Care Instructions:

*Blue Pine Wood (locally known as kail wood) needs to be kept away from excessive moisture, hence: Do not clean with a damp cloth. Use a dry cloth, preferably with an anti-dust spray. It is advised to not hang the shelves near windows to avoid atmospheric moisture. Keep away from direct heat (sunlight, heater, etc) to prevent the shelf from losing its glossy texture. * 

Back picture:

Packaged to perfection:

All our wall hangings are packed with the utmost care and joy! In our delicious box, you'll find a heartfelt message from our side and a wall hanging to die for!

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